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Circle Ranch is a 32,000-acre high-desert mountain ranch located in the Sierra Diablo (Devil Mountains) of far-West Texas. The ranch rises 2,400 feet above the Chihuahuan Desert floor to reach a maximum elevation of 6,500 feet.

The ranch is owned by Chris and Laura Gill, and their four children. It is operated with a primary focus on game, wildlife and habitat.

This site was created and is maintained with the purpose of detailing the work being conducted to restore habitat and understand the delicate ecosystems in the far-West Texas area.

For more details on Chris Gill please visit his bio page.

  1. Dear Gill family,

    I recently watched Alan Savory’s TED Talk, and was deeply affected. I scoured the Savory Institute website, and read the abstracts of publications related to holistic management. I see that Christopher Gill coauthored an article with Savory and Teague, so I googled Gill Ranch, and found your website. I wonder if you have been working with the Savory Institute to restore your grasslands; and if so, what kinds of results you have experienced.

    My wife has cousins that have been ranching in the Hammill Valley of California for 6 generations. They have a big operation. One of their girls married into another large ranching family. That part of the country has not only suffered droughts, but also water diversion by Los Angeles. I want to talk to them about the Savory Institute, because I’m really jazzed; but I wanted to have real examples from America, not just Africa and Australia.

    How did you get involved with Savory, and what sold you on his ideas?

    Thank you,

    Neil Lisco,
    Sugar Land TX


    1. I met Allan in 2000. Like most wildlifers, we had decided not to run cattle, then he got us turned around by explaining the absolute necessity of animal impact on desert grasslands. He is a visionary, great man, who has taken lots of abuse for challenging the range & wildlife orthodoxy.

      The blog was started to show ways to use cows to restore degraded grasslands, and to get people to think holistically – to see these systems as integrated wholes, not a bunch of disconnected parts. The entire blog – now approaching 200 posts – is mostly about such thinking.

      Call me anytime to discuss this 210-240-3800, or contact Holistic Management International on the net or in Albuquerque. HMI has classes all over Texas.

      Thanks for your comment.


      1. Although I agree with your post, I think every industry is still aftcefed by the economic status at this time somehow even if some are better off than others. I do think people are needing instead of wanting skincare more and more in 2009.


      2. Stay with this guys, you’re helping a lot of people.


    2. Hi,
      Great looking place, hope it stays that way forever. However, if the population keeps growing like it is, before you know it apartments, condos, housing additions, malls, gas stations, and all the other stuff associated with so called “progress” will ruin it. Then you will have plenty of yuppies, californians, new yorkers, and the like trying to split it up and sell it and develop it. I hope not, but seems to be the trend these days. Wish Texas was closed.


  2. I am from a ranching family near Sonora,TX and am very interested in your way of managing your land.


  3. I like the valuable info you supply in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and take a look at once more here frequently. I am reasonably sure I will be told a lot of new stuff proper here! Good luck for the next!


  4. Very interested in reading about Texas elk. In my native Wyoming we have desert elk. But, like the feral horses in the Red Desert, Wy Game n Fish want to eradicate them for cattle. Wonder if Texas cattle are used for the same excuse?
    You would think as much $$$ that comes to Texas with hunters they (GFC)would want to expand elk habitat, not destroy it


  5. Dear Chris Gill.

    I am an educator in a Middle School in El Paso. We are getting ready to present a topic about current land problems, and thought of desertification and ways to recover grassland. Would it be possible for us to visit Circle Ranch? We have 19 students ages 11 to 13, and there are 3 teachers.

    Thank you!


    1. Yes, come and visit.

      Call me: 210-240-3800


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